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Trust in a staffing agency that has a thorough and complete employee screening process. All certified employees are screened by office staff for work history experience, skill level, interpersonal skills, references, performance and attendance records, as well as knowledge-based competency testing. We also require drug and background screening as part of our credentialing program.


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Health Care Jobs

Trained and skilled nurses and health care professionals are standing by and ready to help you with their expertise. If you are seeking trained medical personnel, please reach out to Paramount Medical Staffing, and we can help you share your expertise as an employee with a company in need. Many companies throughout Orlando need professionals who are as well versed in health care as you are.


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Our staffing solutions meet the needs of various concentrations throughout the health industry. From radiology technicians to mammographers and medical coders to support specialists, we can help you build an A-team of medical professionals. We are also proud to offer continuing education and wellness benefits to our pool of qualified and certified candidates. Apply with us today.


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Individuals and companies alike are in the same situation when it comes to finding a job and hiring an employee. Both lack the time, expertise, and resources necessary to land a job suited to their skill set or spend the time sifting through resumes for the perfect employee. If you are, or you need, a skilled medical professional, Paramount Medical Staffing in Duncanville, Texas, has the database of jobs and people for you. Our employment agency is ready to place you.

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